I Can´t Give You Anything But Love

In this lesson you will learn to play „I can´t give you anything but love”. Composed by Jimmy McHugh in 1928 this tune became a jazzstandard by the great Louis Armstrong. 10 years later Django Reinhardt brought this song into gypsy swing music as well.

We recorded our academy version on 80 Bpm, so it needs some time to play the 32 bars ABAC form. No fast stuff, this lesson (& song) is quite easy to play for all basic-level-player. We picked this tune because of his “simplicity” (but don´t underrate it!). Don´t forget, this tune is on position no. 24 on a 100-most recorded songs from 1890 to 1954 list, so its good to know this tune 😉


41 Min