Linea Blanca – Lesson

In this lesson you will learn to play one of my compositions called „Linea Blanca“.

The melody is based on single- and also polyphonic lines, so you will learn to play a melody with 2-, 3- and 4- different voices – lets call it chord melody.

BUT don’t worry! It always sounds harder than it is. The melody is quite basic, so it should be possible for everyone – just have a look!

In addition to that, the solo is more intermediate, including classic gypsy-swing lines and some nice flageolets!

The last theme ends with a vamp, so feel free to solo over this part.

This song was released on my cd „Gypsy Vibes“ feat. my friend Matthias Strucken who is a great vibraphone player in germany. As a bonus we included our original track in this lesson, too!

Have fun with this lesson!

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