Interview with Steve Krenz & Adrian Holovaty

0:22 “Django’s Tiger”
3:45 Joscho’s US Tour
5:30 Early Guitar Influences
11:20 Joscho’s Guitar and Picks
12:30 The Importance of Making Mistakes and Learning From Them
13:55 Learning Moment: Building Speed Through Proper Technique
18:45 Learning Moment: Tips for Effective Practicing
21:40 Learning Moment: Rest Strokes in Gypsy Swing Picking
24:45 Learning Moment: Arpeggios in Gypsy Swing
29:30 “Ballad for Django”
37:40 Rhythm Playing for Gypsy Swing Guitar
40:15 Chord Shapes for Gypsy Swing Guitar
44:30 Joscho’s Guitar
1:00:00 “Minor Blues”

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