Lesson: Sweet Cho

In this lesson we talk about a Django-Classics. A song from Django Reinhardts Repertoire called “Sweet Chorus”.
Its in at 90 Bpm, but as always there are a lot of things happen.
This time we prepared a special playback for practicing the theme (one chorus). You can download it directly here. Separately there are the familiar rhythm- and play with joscho track to download, too.

After you practiced the intro of “Sweet Chorus”, you can start playing the theme with our theme-rhythmtrack (for example as a loop) and get used to it.

Django recorded this tune twice in different bands. His first recording was in year 1936:

Stephane Grappelly (v), Django Reinhardt, Joseph Reinhardt, Pierre Ferret (g), Louis Vola (b)

In September 1947 he recorded it a second time:

Hubert Rostaing (cl); Django Reinardt (g solo); Eugène Vées (g); Emmanuel Soudieux (b); André Jourdan (dr)

Check our the original tune and if you like to learn this nice theme, please have a look on our lesson. Directly to the lesson – click here