After you´ve gone

In this lesson we discuss a number one hit from 1918. Later this tune become a jazz-standard and was interpretated by lots of great musicians. Including Django Reinhardt and Stéphan Grappelli in ...
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Swing Gitan

Swing Gitan is a modern “Classic” of Gypsy Swing. The french manouche players made this song famous in the „Gypsy Jazz Scene“ (a.o. Angelo Debarre + Sammy Daussat). „Swing Gitan“ ...
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Solo Song: Body and Soul

Body and Sound is a Jazz Standard that was composed in the 30s. Influencend by the great Louis Armstrong, Django Reinhardt recorded the Title together with his group “Hot Club de France” ...
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Learn: Intros & Outros

How to start or end a song?? In our newest lesson we talk about this important part of playing tunes: Intros & Outros. Bossa Dorado for example has got a recognizable intro and outro. We prepared ...
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