Update: Hey Joe

I just updated the “Hey Joe” lesson and breaking down 48 bars of my solo on youtube. Go directly to the lesson – click ...
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New Lesson

We just uploaded a full new lesson to our lesson library. In this lesson we will get to know a french musette waltz called “Swing Valse”. Just check out the introduction ...
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Lesson Update – Hungaria

“Hungaria” by the great Django Reinhardt is a real gypsy swing classic. Warm up your finger, this original song is quite fast and really needs some work to do. BUT, we also recorded a basic ...
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Stompin At The Savoy

In this lesson you will learn to play the jazz standard “Stompin´At The Savoy” from 1933. This song has got an AABA structure and is really nice to play – Besides the basic theme i recorded an ...
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Online video lessons with Joscho Stephan


24/7 access to all gypsy guitar lessons via pc/mac/tablet/mobile phone. Choose your individual practice time!


Including sheet music, tabs and chord diagrams for all lessons. Print it out, so you can follow Joschos explanations. There are also some Django-Transcriptions!


Each lesson includes rhythm-guitar playbacks and special „Play With Joscho“-tracks, where you can practice your rhythmic skills to Joschos solo. en