Linea Blanca – Lesson

In this lesson you will learn to play one of my compositions called „Linea Blanca“. The melody is based on single- and also polyphonic lines, so you will learn to play a melody with 2-, 3- and 4- ...
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Stochelo Rosenberg

We just uploaded a new episode of “Joscho meets”!! Stochelo Rosenberg…the man who needs no introduction in our gypsy-swing scene. Together with his „Rosenberg Trio“, Stochelo has ...
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Basic Solo for “Minor Swing”

We just updated our “Minor Swing” lesson with two basic-solo transcriptions! Now you can choose learning solos on every skill level regardless you are a beginner (basic), on intermediate ...
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Blue Bossa – Lesson

In this lesson you will learn one of the most well-known jazz standards: Blue Bossa (played in gypsy swing style) Composed by Kenny Dorham and recorded reams of times by many jazz artists. So, this ...
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Online video lessons with Joscho Stephan


24/7 access to all gypsy guitar lessons via pc/mac/tablet/mobile phone. Choose your individual practice time!


Including sheet music, tabs and chord diagrams for all lessons. Print it out, so you can follow Joschos explanations. There are also some Django-Transcriptions!


Each lesson includes rhythm-guitar playbacks and special „Play With Joscho“-tracks, where you can practice your rhythmic skills to Joschos solo. en