Sweet Chorus

Now we talk about a Django-Classics. A song from Django Reinhardts Repertoire called “Sweet Chorus”. Its in at 90 Bpm, but as always there are a lot of things happen.
 This time we prepared a special playback for practicing the theme (one chorus). You can download it directly in the lesson. Separately there are the familiar rhythm- and play with joscho track to download, too.
After you practiced the intro of “Sweet Chorus”, you can start playing the theme with our theme-rhythmtrack (for example as a loop) and get used to it. Django recorded this tune twice in different bands. Our lesson is based on the recording from 1936.


36 Min

Further Content:

Django recorded this tune twice in different bands. His first recording was in year 1936.
Stephane Grappelly (v), Django Reinhardt, Joseph Reinhardt, Pierre Ferret (g), Louis Vola (b)
In September 1947 he recorded it a second time. Hubert Rostaing (cl); Django Reinardt (g solo); Eugène Vées (g); Emmanuel Soudieux (b); André Jourdan (dr)